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Aaron Roy The Drummer | Drummer | Freelance Drummer | Cincinnati, Ohio | Remote Session Drummer

I have invested a great amount of my resources into building a fully equipped home studio for tracking drums- filled to the brim with modern, vintage and electronic drums. It’s a fabulous sonic playground that allows me to give clients quality drum tracks that perfectly fit their musical vision at a fraction of the cost. 

By hiring me to record remotely, you're eliminating the time, expense and the hassle of booking a commercial studio, session musician and recording engineer.

How exactly does this work?
It's SUPER EASY! All you need to do is send me your song (recorded to a click) in order for me to get to work. 

What you get:

1. You will receive up to 10 stems as WAVs ready for you to mix within your software (Logic, ProTools, Cubase etc). These are recorded at 44Khz, 24bit unless specified otherwise.


Stems typically consist of:

  • x1 Snare top

  • x1 Snare bottom (phase flipped)

  • x1 Kick In

  • x1 Kick Out

  • x1 Rack Tom

  • x1 Floor Tom

  • x2 Overheads

  • x2 Percussion overdubs (tambourine, shakers, etc)


2. Your session lined up and set up to a click.


3. Communication is key! You will receive direct and timely communication throughout the process.

4. Satisfaction guaranteed. I do not charge extra for percussion overdubs or extra takes.


*Gear list available upon request

Request a Quote

Already have access to a studio and need a drummer? 

I'm happy to travel and work on your project! Contact me and we'll make it happen.

Already have a drummer and need access to a studio?

Contact me and we'll discuss studio rental details!




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